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Beverly Suek w May Wady

The beginnings of Age-Friendly Riverview go back to November 2017, when May Wady noticed a poster for the Women’s Housing Initiative Manitoba in a South Osborne store window and contacted the initiator of the poster, Bev Suek.  The two Riverview neighbours met over tea and began a series of conversations about their mutual interest in continuing to live in Riverview as they aged and in finding happy, healthy, productive ways to do so. 


Bev and May began sharing news and resources about healthy aging in place.  This led to discovering the Centre on Aging at the University of Manitoba and attending the Centre on Aging’s 2018 Spring Symposium.  Connecting with the Centre’s Director, Michelle Porter PhD, led to May and Bev helping the Centre on Aging to initiate an Age-Friendliness research study in Riverview during the summer and fall of 2018.

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