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Objectives and Principles

Who we are:

Age friendly Riverview is a  group of residents who have in common a love of this community and a desire to live here forever. Realizing that some things need to change before we can achieve that goal, we are calling on you to join us and help to identify possibilities and implement those changes.



Age Friendly Riverview has been established to develop and deliver programs and services for older adults in Riverview.  AFR’s objectives include:

  • Enhancing community connections between older adults

  • Providing volunteer services to help older adults stay in their homes and alleviate loneliness

  • Recognizing and using the knowledge and experience of older adults

  • Enhancing the community in ways that lead to health and respect for older adults.



Age Friendly Riverview is based on several principles defined by the group.  They are:

  • Respect for the knowledge and experience of older adults

  • Working collaboratively with partners, such as the University of Manitoba, Riverview Community Centre, and South Winnipeg Seniors Resource Council

  • Welcoming to individuals of different cultures, beliefs, sexual orientation, and race.

  • The purpose is to listen to older adults and to have control by older adults in the decision making

  • Sharing: information gathered, and lessons learned shall be shared with any other groups interested in creating age friendly communities

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