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Previous Program - Making Opportunities for Older Adults in Riverview

Updated: Jan 18

Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” – Betty Friedan

We agree, Betty. We, from Age Friendly Riverview, are a group of older adults in Riverview who are inventing new opportunities for all of us to get together and have lively discussions. So far, we have had 4 discussion groups – The Changing Nature of Riverview and Canadian Neighbourhoods (Jino Distasio), How Does Your Garden Grow? Soil health and maximizing space (Rod Kueneman), Age-Friendly Winnipeg (Sherri Rollins) and Keeping Your Bones Strong Bone Health (Emily Hunter). Thanks to you all!

All the speakers live in Fort Rouge, or close by. We have many interesting residents in Riverview, and we are looking forward to more people sharing their knowledge in future discussion groups organized in the new year.

We called the series of lectures/discussion the CRISP Ideas series. What does that mean?

Creative - Let’s be creative and listen to new ways of doing things!

Relevant – Look for topics that are relevant for older adults!

Intelligent – Let’s use our knowledge and debate issues!

Social – Get to know more neighbours who are interested in learning new ideas!

Positive – Life has been strange for almost 2 years but keep that positive attitude!


Watch for more lectures starting in February 2023 and more activities in the future. CRISP is designed for older adults but everyone is welcome.

Information will be posted on Riverview Community Centre website and Riverview Community Facebook page and other neighbourhood sites. And on our website at

If you have ideas for more speakers or more activities, please

Bev Suek for Age Friendly Riverview

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